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Digital Reinvents your Business.

Who we are?

Tech-Trans provide innovative technology services to support your business operations.

We bring innovation and deep industry experience together with leading technologies from application partners to help you reinvent your business in digital transformation era.


We work closely with the  global IT leaders to deliver comprehensive, state-of-the-art and effective total solutions for our customers

We provide  a range of services, including managed service, proactive monitoring service, premium care support, front-end support and disaster recovery centre

We provide support solutions to address  your IT challenge, including intelligent platforms, data security and Microsoft application solutions 

Get in touch right now,

we are here for you.

Why Choose us?

We are confident that we are the best choice for your IT infrastructure support.


Highly experienced

With the reputation of industry experience, we have gained the trust of numerous clients and working partners.


Our professional and experienced team focus on the development of the IT solution to meet the needs of customers.


We have won numerous awards, which obtain the affirmation of industry.

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We care your business

We are committed to providing high quality and all-round IT support services, in order to secure the business growth of clients.

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